Kids art camps & art classes

February at Gypsy Studios;
for Teens & Kids

(Middle School Art Classes and Mid-Winter Break Camp)


What to look forward to this month

Mid-Winter Art Camp (Feb. 18-22) 10 am-2:30 pm

Join us for one, two or all five days (at a discounted rate)! Geared toward children ages 7-13, we provide space and guidance for kids to freely create, learn different skills in various mediums and build self-confidence. Afternoon guided paintings include a billy goat, ostrich, rhino, beta fish and seahorse. 

*All materials provided


Junior High & High School 5-Week Acrylic Painting Course*- Weekly Beginning Feb. 26, 3:45-5:15pm 

Join us in a five-session series for beginner to intermediate adolescent painters aged 12-17! This class aims to equip them with basic techniques of acrylic painting and fundamentals of composition, perspective and color theory.

*All materials will be provided for this course


Have a special event coming up this month?

We offer private parties at the location of your choosing, in our art studio or in the vineyard! Celebrate your next birthday, social gathering, family visit or shower with us!

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