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Zentangle® Meditative Art for High Schoolers

March 24 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Teaching ourselves ways to slow down, relax, meditate, and be present are all important life-skills that are all too often are put on the sideline of endless homework, practices and squeezing in what social time you can.

Grab your best friends and join us at Gypsy Studios as we take an evening to explore a new side of your brain while getting away from the same ol’ weekend scene as always. Get creative, have fun, get some time with your friends and learn a new way to help clear your head from the noise of life and be present.

Our certified Zentangle instructor, Terry, is here to instruct us in a proven practice of self care that can help “to have a positive influence on creativity, self-image, focus and problem solving” all well getting to enjoy the Gypsy Studios “Landing” for an evening just for YOU!

“Through the Zentangle Method of drawing, you can:
Expand your imagination
Trust your creativity
Increase your awareness
Respond confidently to the unexpected
Discover the fun and healing in creative expression
Enter a vibrant and supportive world-wide community
Feel gratitude and appreciation for this beautiful world and all that you can do ”



12 available
Zentangle for High Schoolers$45.001.5 hour class in the art of Zentangle. All supplies will be provided for this class.

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